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At Topfind Realty, we prioritize your savings. Enjoy a cash rebate of up to $10,000 at closing. Our experienced agents are on standby, ready to secure the best terms for you. Your dream home awaits, and so do unparalleled savings!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home buyer rebate, and how does it work?

A home buyer rebate is an incentive offered by real estate agents where a portion of the commission they earn from the home sale is refunded to the buyer. This can result in significant savings for the buyer, making it more affordable to purchase a home.

How much can I expect to save with the home buyer rebate?

The exact amount you can save varies based on the home’s purchase price and the percentage of the rebate offered. For example, if you purchase a $500,000 home and we offer a 1% rebate, you’d receive $5,000 back. It’s best to discuss specific figures with your Topfind Realty agent.

Are there any restrictions or qualifications to receive the rebate?

Generally, to qualify for our home buyer rebate, you must work with a Topfind Realty agent from the start to finish of your home purchase. There may be other terms and conditions, which will be outlined in our buyer-agent agreement.

How will I receive my rebate, and when can I expect it?

Typically, the rebate is applied as a credit at closing, reducing your overall closing costs. In some cases, it might be provided as a check after closing. The exact method and timing will be detailed in your agreement with Topfind Realty.

Is the home buyer rebate taxable?

It’s always best to consult with a tax professional regarding specific tax implications. In many cases, the rebate can be considered a reduction in the purchase price of the home, rather than taxable income. However, laws and regulations may vary.